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How To Use Fiddler in Hacking Facebook Games



How to Use Fiddler in Hacking Facebook Games


Complete guide on how to use Fiddler Web Debugger Tool in hacking Facebook games. Read this guide to learn how to use Fiddler in hacking Facebook games. Fiddler is one of the tools used in hacking flash games, especially Facebook games. If you want to cheat and hack Facebook games then you can try and use Fiddler.


What is Fiddler?

Fiddler is a Web Debugger, HTTP Debugging Proxy tool which has the features to log all HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet. How it works is that it allows you to inspect all the HTTP traffic by setting breakpoints. Fiddler gives you the ability to “fiddle” with incoming or outgoing data. The Fiddler tool can be also used for web site performance tuning.


Download Fiddler


Using Fiddle in Cheating and Hacking Facebook Games

Below are the step by step guide on how you can use Fiddler to cheat and hack your Facebook game.
Step 1. Open Fiddler and then go to the “Game” you wanted to cheat.
Step 2. Choose your browser on Fiddler. (optional)

Step 3. Tick the “Enable automatic responses” and “Permit passthrough for unmatched requests”.

Step 4. Using the Fiddler tool, click the down arrow button besides the SAVE, and then select “Find a file”.
Step 5. Select the database hack and cheat for your game.
Step 6. Click on Save.

Step 7. Clear cache in your browser and go to your game.
Step 8. Check your game, and see that the hack worked successfully!


Clearing your Browser Cache

Mozilla Firefox:
Select Tools > Clear Recent History > Check Cache > Press Clear Now
Internet Explorer :
Click on ” Clear Cache ” on Fiddler ( At the top of the tab )
Google Chrome :
Press Ctrl + Shift + Del

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